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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Update on Cultivate Wines:

It seems they have made some improvements to their voting button, so folks on Iphones may be able to vote now!

ALSO, it says you can vote every 15 hours, not just once a day (24hr period). We are down by more than 500. 2nd place is NOT GOOD ENOUGH for our kids!

PLEASE keep voting and keep asking your friends and family!


If we should win this grant, $5000 grants will be given to (10) waiting orphans with Down syndrome in (10) countries around the world as adoption grants.

This is $50,000 we have the real potential to WIN and SAVE LIVES with. We are counting on our friends to MAKE THIS HAPPEN for our waiting orphans with Down syndrome!

This is the link to VOTE on...once a day every day through October 31! It's free, takes 2 seconds of your time, and can change a child's life forever.

We CAN do this!

Must be 21 years of age to vote.

Thank you for your support! Vote vote vote EVERYDAY!

Remember! The 2012 Christmas Angel Tree is coming up starting November 1st -- only a few children still need Christmas Warriors, so don't delay, sign up now!

Andrea Roberts
Founder & Executive Director
Reece's Rainbow

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