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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Please welcome our Guest Blogger, Michelle Zoromski, our Grants & Operations Manager here at Reece's Rainbow. She is also one of our adoptive families!

This little bird in the red shirt is my bio daughter, Ruby.
My Ruby will be 8 years old this month -- and she's a surviving twin. We lost her twin; her identical sister, and she also had Down syndrome. I could drive myself crazy with 'could-have-beens' ... but we are so grateful for Ruby and the joy she brings our family ... and this is the path that eventually led us to adopt our daughter, Lilya. 
Now ... there are two girls in China ... waiting to be adopted -- BELIEVED to be twins. Oh, please. If there is a chance they are? Someone, please go get them and let them be sisters! It breaks my heart, thinking they are *possibly* twins and may not be together ... these are not my daughters ... but I hope someone sees them and brings them home, together, to make them their daughters.
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Meet Oliver! Oliver is a boy with Down syndrome who is also 13!
Make a small donation in Reece's honor and 100% will go to Oliver's adoption grant! You can donate through his page or Reece's Birthday page

Happy Birthday to Reece Roberts! The 13 Year Old we named Reece's Rainbow after... ;)

April 26, 2002 was a day that changed the world!
We are so proud of Reece! For his birthday, any donations made through the link, above, in his honor, will be gifted to Oliver!
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Reece Through the Years!

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