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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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5/5/5 Shortlink

Donors and Families: Please share this page and encourage friends and family to donate!

Each month, 5 families will be featured. On the 5th of the month, all the donations will be divided evenly among those 5 families. The 5 new families will then be revealed.

After 9 years, $10 million in grant funding disbursed, and more than 1500 orphans having found their forever families, you KNOW how far your giving goes collectively through Reece's Rainbow!

Set up an auto-bill-pay donation from your bank, or through the Donation Paypal link on the 555 for Families page, to give just $5 a month for our adopting families!

How to Help:
Helping is easy. Donors are needed to donate $5, $25 or any other amount monthly. You can also make a one-time gift. These small (and larger) donations really add up and help families who are close to traveling.

Who is Chosen:
Five (5) families will be chosen by the 5/5/5 committee which is made up of 5 men and women who have adopted from Russia, Latin America, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania, China and Armenia

What to do:
Make your monthly donation HERE: You can set it up as a recurring donation and then you don't have to try to remember monthly. To set up a recurring donation, click on the PayPal button on the 555 for Families page, and check the box "Make This Recurring (Monthly)".

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It has been more than rewarding being a part of an organisation that has helped bring more than 1200 children HOME to their forever families in the past eight years!

We brought back the RR Calendar this year! This makes a great way to share the mission and ministry of Reece's Rainbow with the people in your life!

Be sure to download your copy to print to enjoy some of the beautiful colours of Reece's Rainbow all year round!

The 2015 Angels Among Us Reece's Rainbow Calendar


Download PDF
Select 'FIT TO PAGE' when printing


Angel Tree Dollars also make a great gift!

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