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Because every family deserves the blessing of a child with Down Syndrome...

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Raising $5 on the 5th of every month for 5 of our adopting families

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After 8 years, $7 million in grant funding disbursed, and more than 1500 orphans have found forever families, you KNOW how far your giving goes collectively through Reece's Rainbow! Set up an auto-bill-pay donation from your bank, or through the Paypal link below, to give just $5 a month for our adopting families!   Each month, 5 families will be featured. On the 5th of the month, all the donations will be divided evenly among those 5 families. The 5 new families will then be revealed.

How to Help:
Helping is easy. Donors are needed to donate $5, $25 or any other amount monthly. You can also make a one-time gift. These small (and larger) donations really add up and help families who are close to traveling.

Who is Chosen:
Five families will be chosen from the pool of the monthly countries. (Countries will be rotated in alphabetical order.) Families will be chosen based on previous fund raising attempts, financial need, and travel dates. (Families must not be finishing their adoption before the 5th of the month.) Families must show that they have tried to raise the money needed for their adoption. Families must also be willing to make a $5 donation for 6 months in order to be considered.

What to do: Donors:
Make your monthly donation here: You can set it up as a recurring donation and then you don't have to try to remember monthly. To set up a recurring donation, click on the PayPal button below, and check the box "Make This Recurring (Monthly)".

If your country is currently featured, please let us know that you would like to be considered by messaging this page. We will announce the new families on the 6th of the month.
The 555 Blog will feature the month's families.

Donations MUST be made through this donation box or a check with 555 in the memo to be included in the 555 Families grant
Click below to donate now!
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Donors and Families: Please share this page and encourage friends and family to donate!

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See below to see the families selected each month and the total amount raised, which was divided equally amongst all five families.
The 5 Families
2014 July The Greene family
The VanHalle family
The Aschoff family
The Kirk family
The Tilton family
August The Fraley Family
The Jenks Family
The Kindall Family
Kiril & Dell's Family
The Lehmann Family
September The Averett Family
The Barrett Family
The Duvall Family
The Fristoe Family
The Lee Family
to be



The 5/5/5 committee is made up of 5 women who have been involved in adoptions in
Russia, Latin America, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and China.
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Answers for Ashley

The satisfaction of an orphan set free is not completely breathed until that child is set  free into the arms of capable parents. Today though something amazing happened. Not an orphan home, yes…somewhere I’m sure there is an orphan who is seeing the doors of their waiting cell close behind them forever, but that isn’t Ashley’s story today. In Eastern Europe she still waits, a friend of hers is meeting their family for the first time and brought this preschooler something. It wont set her free, but it will set in her crib at night for her to snuggle with. I’m the one who bought that toy. Ashley-Photo-6-May-2013-2-236x300I wish I had taken a picture of the process of choosing it, or of us putting the toy horse into the smallest postal box that we could find to mail to Kentucky to have taken in a suitcase all the way over the ocean to a country where I have no way of knowing if I will ever go. We were given the opportunity to send a present to this little girl that my daughter particularly loves among the number of orphans that she’s seen online photo listings. When I explained as best I could on how we’d get a gift to Ashley she ran down to the playroom and quickly retrieved a favorite stuffed toy and pushed it into the box. I pulled it out to have a look and found that the stitching was thin in a few places and the face was quite faded. My daughter was quite sure that she wanted to send a toy of her own rather than buy one but came up with nothing that I thought was in good enough shape to send an orphanage that ought to have years of use out of. We agreed on a toy and went to the store where we had bought it a few months ago to see if we could find a double. It wasn’t there.  In the end, it was me and my youngest that chose a toy, bought the card and mailed the box because my 5 year old couldn’t decide. The choice was made based on the size of the box and between two toys which a two year old grabbed for 1st. And that was it. We bought a brown 9 inch tall stuffed horse with a tan mane and bead black eyes, it’s gorgeous, as far as stuffed animals go. I sent it right away because I knew the chances of my kids wanting to keep it were significant. My dream to adopt has been quieted. But there’s little ever that will matter more that believing that this is real, there is pain and there is a little piece of peace that can be had. Cath sang about going to sleep, now Ashley has a toy to hold when she has to be quieted too. She doesn’t know that she’s holding on waiting for a family, but hopefully the Lord has plans for her to receive a family some day. I hope that there will be answers for Ashley someday. Answers of a family who gives her more than a horse, perhaps a home for her and her horse. Looking at the face of that little girl who has only 1194.25 towards a $35K adoption, I do wish I could do more but this is something that she has to have and to hold until it’s stitches fall out…or until it gets lost in the laundry and another child gets it. Moral of the story for the moment, if you get the opportunity to give in the tiniest way it just might mean a lot to someone so if you can do it, certainly do.
Ashley's profile is here: Ashley and she will be on the 2014 Angel Tree in need of a warrior.

If you are a child's or family warrior, the month of September we are featuring Guest Bloggers who would like to share their family or child prior to the start of the Angel Tree. Please email if you are a warrior and would like your post featured.
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