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They Really Need You

Twelve children have been added to the "At-risk of Aging Out" page.

The "at-risk" are children who are due to age out in the next 18 months, and will no longer be available for adoption.

Please share some of these kids in the hopes of getting them a family before they age out!

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21 Truths About Down Syndrome | #wdsd2016

Today is World Down Syndrome Day 2016!

21 March 2016 marks the 11th anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day. It is officially observed by the United Nations. Each year the voice of people with Down syndrome, and those who live and work with them, grows louder. But there is still so much more we can do.

Reece's Rainbow is working to do more by doing our part to share the TRUTH about Down Syndrome! So, for today, here is a repost from four years ago! From 21 beautiful families of children with Down syndrome and their TRUTH about Down syndrome! We'd love to invite these families (and ANYONE ELSE) to leave an updated photo of their child in the comments!

We'd love to hear from YOU! Please add your TRUTH about Down syndrome in the comments below and share our WDSD 2016 '21 Truths About Down Syndrome'!

Grab This!
wdsdgearCLICK HERE to order your Reece's Rainbow WDSD clothing and gear NOW with our WDSD “One Word that Describes Your Child with DS” graphic on them to wear and use proudly throughout the year! Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with Reece’s Rainbow!

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Happy World Down Syndrome Day 2016! #wdsd2016

Today is World Down Syndrome Day!

Every year, on March 21 (to honor the 3rd copy of the 21st chromosome presented in Down syndrome), the world comes together to raise awareness and advocate for people living with Down syndrome.

Have you grabbed our WDSD button to put on your blog/facebook/twitter?

It's the FINAL day of our 21 Days of Hope campaign! Please DONATE and SHARE! We have a MATCHING GRANT for 21 of our waiting children with Down syndrome!

It's also not too late to order t-shirts, journals, cups, tote bags, etc with our WDSD “One Word that Describes Your Child with DS” graphic on them to wear and use proudly throughout the year! Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day with Reece’s Rainbow!

We'd LOVE to hear from YOU! Share YOUR child with Down Syndrome in the Comments!

The next time you see a person or child with DS, stop… take notice. That life is nothing short of a miracle. The termination rate for pregnancies with DS diagnosis is now up to 94%. That is staggering. So, not only are you seeing the blessing of a person with DS, [made closer to the image of God than the rest of us], you are seeing the miracle of a life that many are trying to completely eliminate… I believe, hand on heart, that the two points are most definitely related…
(Lucille Brown)

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$18K in TEN days?

$18K still in Grants Waiting to be Given to 18 Kids
We've reached the halfway mark already! You've done great to raise
$3,000 for the first three of our 21 Days of Hope Children! We are so
thankful for all of your hard work on behalf of our Waiting Children!
We still need your help to get the remaining 18 children their $1,000 in
Waiting Child Grants! We need your help to not let that FREE money from
our donor slip away!
We have TEN days left to raise $18,000!

Will you help us?

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Why 21 Days of Hope?

We are nearly at the halfway point for the 21 Days of Hope campaign!

A donor has offered $21,000 to give to 21 of our waiting children
if we can raise $21,000 for our Voice of Hope fund.

So, what is the Voice of Hope?

The Voice of Hope fund is what keeps us operational.

If we're going to continue to be successful saving lives, Reece's Rainbow has to be "out there,"  attending and sponsoring strategic events, print advertising, leveraging social media, building relationships, and seeking new donors to support our mission.  And behind the scenes, 7 days a week of administrative effort goes into managing/creating our website, defining our graphic/logo presence, handling donations, seeking and posting new waiting children, answering new family inquiries, serving those families through the adoption process, tracking and disbursing grant funds, taxes and accounting, charitable status, organizing Buddy Walks and preparing for and implementing our many fundraising efforts throughout the year.   Our Voice of Hope fund is where that money comes from.  Without this, we simply can not do what we do, and many lives will be lost as a result!

Reece's Rainbow is totally non profit. We do SO much on comparatively SO little. Our operational costs remain below 10%, which is hard to do because we want to be able to do so much more for the children!   We cut out a lot of really great opportunities each year due to cost.   Reece's Rainbow functions solely on private donations.   We've done everything possible to maximize each donation and give as much as possible to the waiting children and committed families.  At this time, we do not have any corporate or government funding, so we are completely dependent on your generous gifts to keep us going.

So what can you do to help this year's 21 Days of Hope children each receive their $1000 grant?


1) Donate!

2) Share this campaign via FB, Twitter, instagram, blog

3) Print out our 21 Days flier PDF and hand out to people locally

4) Choose a featured child and be a warrior for them on social media!

5) Purchase "21 Days/WDSD" items from our Cafepress store

6) Inquire about ADOPTING one of these children!

Thank you for all that you do to support Reece's Rainbow!

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It's the 21 Days of Hope!

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